1- The Boring Part

My UI/UX Design and Web Development Skills
Adobe Creative Suite 18 years
Sketch 4 years
Front-end Development 21 years
Back-end Development 21 years
Graphic Design & Illustration 13 years

Unexceptional Facts About Me
– Passionate.
– Have a keen eye on details.
– Solution-oriented.
– Good organisation skills.
– Good at interpersonal communication.

2- The Interesting Part

Hyperactivity under control
I work fast and smart to be productive. Steering my need-to-be-active to create effective outputs.

Enneagram 3w2 personality
This type’s basic desire: They seek value through accomplishment, which may push them deeper into their work.

Not the stereotype
Following the industry to keep me up-to-date. Not imitating the trends, instead of understanding what lies beneath and make every little choice reasonable.

Keeping myself hidden
It’s not easy for a creative person to stay hidden. I don’t put anything personal in front of reasons, functions and resources.

A team player
To me, my client and my co-workers are teammates. I respect and trust my teammates to achieve our purpose fast and efficiently.

The complications
To me, what my job is noticing and solving the complications. In order to deal with complications, being watchful about the overall and details is prior. And then being creative and rational to overcome cases.

I’m lucky
I have the idea about myself that I’m a quick-witted and creative person. This motivates me when I have to deal with complicated or hard situations. Constantly improving my personal and professional skills also gives me courage.

Creative/conventional balance
I’m creative when I have to be. Purposes, resources and common sense are the key factors to me when deciding between creativity and convention.